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Apply for VISA to Spain In Senegal

Additional Services

At the Spain Visa Application Centre, you can find the following OPTIONAL additional services:

  • Form Filling charges - 1000 CFA
  • Photocopy – CFA 100 per page
  • SMS - 1,300 CFA
  • Premium Lounge - 13.000 CFA
Hotel Booking

Take your hotel reservations anywhere in the world, directly within our center.

Ticket Booking

Make your plane ticket reservations with all airlines directly in our center

Travel Insurance

Our center offers a wide range of companies to allow you to choose the travel insurance that suits you according to the guarantees offered, the amount of the premium, etc ...
Depending on the insurance company, the age and duration of the trip

Premium Lounge

Enjoy the enjoyable experience of our premium services in our application center.
Our services include:

  • Separate lounge with personalized service by dedicated staff
  • Personal assistance in Spanish, English and French
  • Relaxing atmosphere with hot or cold refreshments of your choice
  • Faster submission of applications to the visa application center
  • Free SMS service to track your application process
  • Free email service for your passport
  • Free photocopying service for your documents - up to 10 pages
  • Newspapers / Magazines for your reading pleasure
Courier Service

Passport delivery to your home or office address to avoid the hassle of going to the claim center for personal removal

Internet Kiosk

For your convenience, we provide internet facilities in our center to assist with navigation, application / document downloads / sending emails, etc.

Photo Booth

If you do not have your photo or if you do not have the correct specification of the photos, you can now take your photos in our center without the inconvenience of having to look for a service outside.

Printing of Documents

Printing is much more convenient with the printing services provided to the Visa Application Center for printing your hotel bookings / tickets / itinerary etc.


Make all your photocopies on the spot

Form Filling

Staff will assist applicants to complete application forms

Flexi hour

The withdrawal of the passport is from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 16:30. You also have our flexible hour service for withdrawal outside of these hours billed at 5,000 FCFA